Buying + Selling Tips


Curb Appleal
-Remember, if the buyer does not like the look of the outside of the home, you may not have a chance to sell how great the inside of your home is. Clean the outside, freshen up landscaping, keep grass cut, etc….

Clean Inside & Out
-Spring cleaning is a must inside and out. This includes windows, light fixtures, ceilings and ceiling fans, etc… A sparkling clean home is a must!!

-Open all draperies unless there is an objectionable view. In most rooms you should turn on lights for a bright and cheerful look. Lamps and indirect lighting are preferable.

-Set out some fresh flowers, both for their appearance and fragrance. Bake cookies or bread, but don’t cook foods with strong odors like seafood.

Remove Clutter
-Clean off countertops, bookshelves, etc…

-Keep doors closed except for walk-in closets, Have those doors slightly ajar and turn on the lights to draw attention to this special feature.

-Dirty ashtrays are both unsightly and a source of objectionable odor to nonsmokers. Remove all ashtrays.

Posters & Signs
-We live in a tolerant age, but don’t take a chance of offending a potential buyer. Remove any signs or posters that might be considered offensive or controversial.

-Soft background music will help create a relaxed mood that prompts buyers to linger and enjoy. But it is better to have no music at all than to have it too loud.

-Get them out of the house. Some people don’t like dogs, and nobody likes muddy paws on a clean suit or dress. Cats can be just as objectionable to a person who does not like them or is allergic to them.


Qualify for Financing
-This is the only way you will know what price home you can afford. Find out your interest rate and get payment information.

Get Pre-Qualified
***Most sellers will not take an offer seriously unless they know a buyer is qualified. This is a must before home shopping.

Buyer’s Real Estate Agent
-In North Carolina, there are buyer’s and seller’s agents. Normally the buyer’s agent is paid by seller from commission. The agent will negotiate the best price for your new home and will guide you through the process such as having a home inspection or appraisal done.

Finding Your Home
-Your agent will be able to quickly find homes that meet your needs for price, location, etc…